We want to be lean and efficient as an organisation, which means we want to avoid any duplication of effort or invest in areas we think others may have a role to play. There is no shortage of good intentions amongst a variety of businesses and organisations and we want to channel that into something actionable and tangible, whether that is financial support or sponsorship for our programs, or the ability to use your resources (e.g. skills and expertise, vehicles), infrastructure (e.g. land, buildings, kitchen space), or products (e.g. food related products, tools, food businesses) in our operations. We want to collaborate with those we think share our values and goals, and maximise the ability our generous donors give us to make an impact. We also want to promote those businesses we think are doing the type of work we feel aligns with our ethos. So we are actively having conversations to explore how we can work together with others to add value and find mutual benefit.

Some of our Partners include:

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