Farezeh Durrani

“This is Fatima’s vision. What she wanted to do herself. Her reality. What she would do if she was here today. Because I see it as her Foundation, it is critical that everything we do for the Chef Fatima Foundation (CFF) maintains Fatima’s integrity and her personality.”

Mohammad Iftikhar Ali

“She (Fatima) is my inspiration and her spirit can be found in you, too – you just have to listen to that little voice inside, that tells you to keep going, to cut out the noise, to be kind, generous, compassionate, forgiving and to push yourself to be better, and to always remember to lead with love.”

Ashtar Ausaf Ali

”There is not a single barrier she [Fatima] did not break: in areas where success is only granted to middle-aged men, Fatima smashed every glass ceiling she could. She transcended age, gender, faith, and ethnicity, and proudly planted a flag of her own.”


Zahra Khan

“She [Fatima] wanted to help the disenfranchised and enable those less fortunate than herself. She felt strongly about supporting women working in the culinary arts and was always looking for opportunities to share her love of Pakistani cuisine on a global stage.”

Shehrazade Sheikh

“Her [Fatima] focus is what really drew me to her. She dreamed of everything she wanted and then she worked to achieve it. She had much more to offer the world than she ever realized. The Chef Fatima Foundation is one such dream and I am lucky to be a part of it.”

Itrath Qizilbash

“What Fatima wanted to achieve with this Foundation is very close to my heart. It wasn’t a last minute thought, it was something that had been growing in her through the years, expanding with her experiences as a Chef, being influenced by her geography. We—our team, her friends and her global family—are here to see it through.”

Shehrbano Taseer

“She [Fatima] never forgot where she came from, and she was always humble about how much she had. She had the incredible ability to rub shoulders with some of the most successful people in the world, yet she remained resolute in her conviction to remember and give a hand to those less fortunate.”

Ayesha Noon

“She [Fatima] was larger than life, fiercely driven with unwavering determination. Her love for food and her belief that she could bring positive change through it is what the Chef Fatima Foundation is all about. She remains a symbol of courage and bravery for women all over the world and a huge inspiration for me personally.”