Do you have the passion and skill to succeed? But need a little support?

Those who know Fatima can recount numerous stories of her generosity of time, ideas, passion, and love. Outside of work responsibilities, she helped people start businesses, develop recipes, and worked with chefs to improve operations in the kitchen. She isn’t here to continue spreading her personal brand of generosity but in keeping with her spirit, we can help people fulfil their potential one step at a time.


We want to establish a grant program which we will make accessible to those we believe can create successful businesses in the food world. With a specific focus on those who come through our training program, our intention is to allow individuals who have a specific idea or goal in mind apply for grant funding to enable their next step, be that an opportunity to travel and learn from leading chefs in order to bring back and apply their learnings in Pakistan (e.g. through our outbound chef exchange program), or to set up a business of their own which may in turn become a source of steady income and employment for others.

A rigorous application and selection process will underpin this initiative and it will become available once we have our training program up and running. We believe sustainable economic solutions are key to creating a meaningful impact in addressing disadvantage, and so our goal is to enable these, by supporting those we believe will take their career to the next level.


At this stage we are raising funds for a number of different programs, however if you would like to specifically be involved in becoming a sponsor for candidates in the future, or feel you can offer other forms of support including the opportunities below, please contact us.

Business coaching and mentorship for young aspiring entrepreneurs

Retail space for physical locations where a new food business may set up

Commercial kitchen equipment and/or construction materials

Supplier of raw materials e.g. flour, sugar, dairy, produce etc.

Other avenues to promote new food businesses e.g. food festivals, farmers markets, fairs, commercial/office building, retail spaces, advertising platforms, etc.