Ayesha was born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Oriental College of Arts. She has always been inspired by art and design, and has used that talent mainly in residential interior design projects. From 2011 to 2014 she took on the role of the lead design consultant for projects in the corporate commercial, and restaurant design world.


Ayesha has taken up the lead role in the Corporate Social Responsibility program at Raaziq International which provides invaluable financial support to a large number of individuals and organizations across Pakistan. She also has her own design studio where she explores the use of different metals to produce large-scale sculptures, furniture, and accessories.


“I met Fatima as part of the family I inherited after getting married,” says Ayesha. “She was larger than life, fiercely driven with unwavering determination. Her love for food and her belief that she could bring positive change through it is what the Chef Fatima Foundation is all about. She remains a symbol of courage and bravery for women all over the world and a huge inspiration for me personally. I am truly honored to be a part of her Foundation and look forward to all the adventures and challenges coming our way – especially those related to design and aesthetics.”

Ayesha’s entrepreneurial spirit, keen eye for detail, and effortless ability to organize events will help us execute our projects locally, and through her involvement with Raaziq, bring forth a market-leading logistics infrastructure for our organization, so that we can maximise our efficiency and effectiveness, keep our project costs low, and get the most out of the donations our supporters give us.